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About our Services

Free Consultation

We will meet with you, your family, and your friends to determine the best plan of action that meets your specific needs.

Transparency and competence are the two most important things that we bring to the table.

If you are not ready to actually make a move yet, “No Problem,” we can provide resources to keep you safe and comfortable at home.

When you are ready we can provide resources and services to handle the entire process “soup to nuts”

We will develop a plan and a timeline to meet your needs, so that you can determine if Moving Ahead RI and our expertise is the right fit for you.

Our Services Include:

  • Space Planning
  • Sorting and Organizing
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Unpacking and Resettling
  • Estate Auctions
  • Estate Sales
  • Consignments
  • Donations
  • Clean Outs
  • Documentation