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Hi Dan, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did in helping us move into our new apartment. We couldn't have done it without you. Your help meant so much to us. Thanks again for a wonderful job well done.

Fran & Leo Drury

I highly recommend Dan Dwane and Moving Ahead RI. I recently used their services and could not have been more pleased with the ease and comfort that he and his colleagues provided. Once I spoke with Dan, I was contacted by one of his coordinators, who scheduled an appointment to come discus and appraise both the logistics and the contents of my move. The quote I received was very comprehensive, especially since there were multiple stops required before the move reached its final destination. His moving men were professional, efficient, respectful of all of the items, and took great care in dismantling and rebuilding whatever was necessary. Eve as the day wore on, they made certain that everything was in the place that I wanted, before considering the job compete. We all know that moving is an exhausting process both physically and emotionally, but Dan and his men manage to make it easy. Should I move again, I would definitely use Dan and Moving Ahead RI, however this time I will have them do the packing for me too!

Miriam J. Cohen

Regional Sales Director - Energy Auction House

Dear Dan, I would like to thank you for the remarkable job that you and your team provided my wife and I in our home to reduce the clutter and disorganization that was overwhelming and choking our rooms and "mentality".

Due to the health crisis of my wife, removal of her bladder and reproductive parts due to cancer, you came into our home, referred and excellent "maid" service to provide a 9 hour "deep cleaning" of all surfaces in our living floor level and then neatly condensing, labeling and moving all of the paper, clutter and other necessary items to a neat place all together in our basement onto pallets which we can work "one box at a time" at our own pace. I am confident that once my wife returns home from the nursing home, we will be able to attack our down-sizing problems in a much more suitable and efficient way!

Your knowledge, expertise and professionalism is certainly creditable and a great relief for seniors like us (67 to 70 years old) who do not have the time or the energy to get ourselves out of the mess and disorganization. The National Association of Senior Move Managers are fortunate to have such a positive and pro-active member in Rhode Island doing such good work!

Harry (and Roz) Waterman

Just wanted to let you know that we LOVED Dan and Beth from Moving Ahead RI. We met with Beth yesterday and she is starting to come on Monday to help Mom get through the packing and sorting. What a wonderful person she was and my Mom really liked her as well, so that is a blessing. The move date is definitely scheduled for Monday June 6th and that is just what we had hoped for, my brother from Indiana arrives on the 4th, so the timing couldn't have been better. Melissa and I will be taking the day off to help with anything we can, I think just keeping Mom busy and out of the way is going to be a huge task unto itself. 90 years old is way to late in life to do a huge move such as this, but we as family members can see it needs to happen now rather than later and she will do just fine, once she settles in. Beth was awesome talking to her yesterday about the Circle Of Life and this will be Mom's new adventure, I liked the way she presented that to her. So thanks again so much for suggesting them, just what we needed.

Bev Tucker

I am writing to say THANK YOU! Water damage in the climate controlled storage unit.... came home almost in tears... where am I going to get help to move stuff??? Called Dan and he called Beth (who has been helping me sort and organize) and she came and actually did the whole insurance thing which needed to be done on line.. I now have 2 climate controlled units: one with wet stuff in it Paintings are OK) and one with the the dry stuff in it. Dan contacted the people who will come to day and assess damage and fill out stuff for the insurance (the insurance people don't send anyone.) SO LOVELY to go from "I don't have help down here" to "I have superb help down here!" beth new who to call and what to ask, etc, etc. The Service master people know the experts and what can and should be done.... Thank you again and again and again!!